Tuesday, February 16, 2010

When Different is Better!

Right this moment I know of about 40 kids who wished they could have had a touch of autism today!

Nicky's class went whale watching and everyone got sea sick except NICKY! They up chucked over the edges of the boat, in cabins and on decks. All the while looking at Nicky who was just hanging out, happy as happy could be watching the dolphins. Lot's of kids asked "Why isn't he sick?".

I am sorry all the kids got sick, however it was the best teaching opportunity ever. All year they have watched Nicky jump up and down, flap and fidget. Daily they see Nicky struggle to stay still, calm and balanced, while they so easily sit in their chairs with calm bodies. They just didn't get it. Today they got it. They were able to see first hand that Nicky's baseline for movement is just different, and now they know one way that being different can be better! In the class a stable floor and chair is normal and easy for them, no so much for Nicky. Out in the open sea a rocking floor was normal for Nicky, who remained calm and happy, while the children who do so well with motionless floors were sick as dogs. It is my hope that when they see him jump up and down and fidget they will remember how they felt today, and understand how Nicky must feel everyday.



  1. awesome post
    so true
    made me cry a little too

  2. Sometimes (often) as I see it, those with "ism" have numerous benefits that we so-called "normal" people do not - and will never - possess. I usually see those benefits in my son and others as less ego and more "being" in the natural world. A state of being I envy actually.

    I don't think much about the physical distinctions and benefits, however, other than perhaps a higher or hypo threshold for pain in many. Nicky's ability to sail the seas with no physical affect is just one more blessing in disguise that supported an important lesson for the other kiddos!

    Nicky is so beautiful, Donna! I still laugh every time I see him and Taylor on the screen and he touches Taylor's hairy legs :)

  3. What a great example of how these extraordinary abilities, actually shows to be a benefit, in the right environment. At Specialisterne in Denmark, we fokus on these special abilities everyday, enabling people with autism to get valuable jobs within the it-business. These jobs requires being systematic, having a strong attention to details and being persistent, which matches perfectly to a lot of people with autism.