Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Yahoo! Nicky just rode his bike!

How exciting. Nicky just rode a two wheeler for the first time! We've been trying for years, but between lack of interest and not watching where he was going, we just couldn't get it off the ground.

For his birthday one of this therapist bought him a new bike. He practiced riding on Sunday, and today he went out and rode it on his own. And..he even watched where he was going. A miracle!


  1. Hi Donna
    I live in England. One of my son's has Aspergers. It's a nightmare and still so misunderstood. The problems you discuss on your web site are the same as we have here. I thought it may be good to network our ideas/problems/what has worked/what not and to raise public awareness? Until recently I felt so alone and covered up and coped in public the best I could. It was a website like yours in England that made me realise I was not alone. Now I can fight the authorities and fight for the needs of my son, the feelings of failure and total inadequacy are still under the surface, but at least I know other parents are going through exactly the same. Best wishes x