Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Conversation Shocker!!!

Nicky has serious deficits in language processing and at 12, he's made a lot of progress with language, but he still doesn't have conversations outside of his interest, needs and wants without great support.  But none of us ever stops asking him questions; even if they go unanswered, or need a prompt. It's just what we do, and for me it's become auto pilot.  So much so, that when Nicky ran in the house from school yesterday, super happy to see me and said  "Hi Mother" and I began blurting out the same questions about his day, that I ask every single day.  It wasn't until I had gotten the 5th perfect response, to my 6 questions in rapid fire succession, that I realized Nicky and I just had a conversation!   A CONVERSATION   Nicky answered five questions about his day, without a prompt, without  a reinforcer,  without me body blocking him from running away.  I just asked, and he just answered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  AMAZING!!!!!  This is good, I'm going for 8!!!

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