Saturday, July 23, 2011

Puberty and Boundaries...or The Lack Thereof!

It’s can’t just be Nicky…can it? 
Puberty is in full swing here and Nicky's private parts are doing those things young boys private part’s do; there are no boundaries just things that happen!

Nicky doesn’t like most stuff other boys his age like, except girls, he gets excited when a cute girl walks by. He get's this little fiendish smile and you can see the wheels turning, he's thinking about how to get closer so he can touch them. He love's to press on tummies and tushes. All day we’re saying, “No touching”, “My Body”,  “Distance”, “No touching other people bodies” hoping for a successful preemptive strike!   

It doesn't stop there. I know Nicky loves me but I wasn’t expecting to be the object of his “inappropriate” affection.  He looks at me like a cup cake, sneaks up and gropes me!  I find myself looking around thinking “I hope nobody saw that” way too often lately.  

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  1. Donna,
    I love hearing from you, and hearing about you baby with HUGE feet! Man. You are remarkable, and he is so very blessed to have you guard and guide his life.