Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"Behaviors" In Action, Nicky 1, Mom 0 - Watch This Video of a Dr. Visit

What happens when you combine, an ASD kid, one mom, two nurses, an EEG and a "I'm not going for it" attitude? Watch and see :) 

Nick got a Flip video camera for his B-day. I decided to  record a doctor visit so Nicky and I could talk about it afterwards and I could show him what was happening. When I made this decision I had no idea what an incredible teaching opportunity we would be treated to!!! 

This is video number one, of three when we're at the  hospital to hook him up for his 24hr EEG. He’s been doing these since he was 4, one or two times a year.  Over the years we've done different things to get the job done; he's been lightly sedated, under full anesthesia,  strapped in a papoose board and most recently we just used the behavioral “First this” than “……” with a highly motivating reinforcer. We always let him watch video’s to keep him occupied while the monitors are applied to his head. 

Armed with his DVD player and movie of choice I expected  things to go smoothly, at least our version of smoothly. But this time Nicky just wasn't having it! This was our first trip where nothing worked.  In this video you get to watch me and the nurses try everything and in the end we leave, Mom 0, Nurses 0, Nicky 1, 

Next I will post: Video number 2 showing Nicky's surprise response to our departure and Video number 3 showing what happens when we return for a second try with our secret weapon...his sister!  Pretty good stuff. 

PS: This first video is the longest...I don't know how to edit yet. 

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  1. I know those autism behaviors when it comes to EEGs very well with the girl I help take care of. It doesn't matter how many times we do these types of tests as soon as she smells its, feels, and hears the noises I found she couldn't control any of her actions that for her they turned from behavioral to survival of her sensory overload. We usually bring a weighted blanket, allow her to put music on her near her ears and see if we can get some of her favorite smells near her nose to avoid any type of sensory overload. This may be a case for Nicky. I wish you the best, because from your videos you seem like an amazing mother.