Monday, August 8, 2011

Quality of Life for Adults with ASD is Abysmal ... We Have Our Work Cut Out For Us

  1. 10% have some type of occupation
  2. 4% live independently
  3. 3.5% socialize outside the home
  4. 95% report no friendships
  5. 83% of adults with autism have fewer than two social contacts per week outside their homes.
The good thing about statistic's is they make it really clear, where you are and where you might not want to be. I looked at the list and first it was a punch to the gut. Then I realized, not so much. I'm taking this list to my next team/school meetings and asking what we are working on to work toward everyone of these. How are we improving his odd's.   I already know we can change #3 right now and even #4 and we can push the steps that work on numbers 1,2,5. 

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