Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"We're Here to Speak for Justice" A Must See Moving Forward

Many of you were not able to open the link I previously posted.  Thanks to the Lanterman Regional Center, here's a new link.  This movie - however slow moving - changed how I looked at Nicky's future, by showing me how far we've come.  No doubt our journey has been rough, but this documentary movie gave me perspective. I now vividly understand; not only do we have a long way to go to move things forward, we also have to fight to keep from moving backwards, especially in light of today's economic realities.  

I wasn't around when these families were fighting for their children and all I can say is, I'm so glad they did.  Please God don't let us go back there. 

Please with DD'sWatch "We're Here to Speak for Justice"   http://www.lanterman.org/uploads/videos/video_werehere.html.  


  1. Thanks. The link works for the video on We're Here to Speak for Justice, and the video is marvelous!