Friday, November 18, 2011

iPad, Apps, Autism, Holidays...Am I the only one confused?!

I’ve read and seen so much about iPad & tablet “Apps” helping our kids learn and communicate.  I don't want my kiddo to miss out, but I've hesitated because he's a computer obsessed kid. I have to be sure how we are going to use it, when he will use it and where. If I don’t, I could just add one more obsession to his list, one more thing for him to perseverate on and risk missing out on the  benefits. 

My first step: to learn about the apps available.  I found two resources – so far –  that give the most info in one place, both links are below.  I found a book on Amazon (that’s inexpensive) called Apps for Autism that lists more than 200 apps and how they work and Autism Speaks has listed app’s.
Apps for Autism: An Essential Guide to Over 200 Effective Apps for Improving CommunicationBehaviorSocial Skills, and More! forum ...

Next I’m going to look into tablets. Does it have to be an iPad? Will the new $199.00 Amazon Tablet do the trick? What about the new iPad scheduled to come out early next year that’s supposed to be less expensive?  What are the factors that determine what pad is best?  If anyone already knows the answers to these questions pls  email me ( and I’ll post your information. 

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