Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Little Tricks & Steps to Independence #1 "Cooking"

Problem: Safe Cooking
Solution: Counter Top Grill

It was 6:00am when I walked into the kitchen to see three eggs broken on the stove and chicken nuggets in the stove top well with flames all around! I got shivers as I contemplated what could have happened if I didn't walk in when I did.  Once I passed panic mode I could see the up side; Nicky was moving himself toward  independent. He wanted to make his own breakfast.
The challenge; How to build on his interest for being independent, without setting the house on fire!? 

Nicky's first attempt at cooking for himself!
Solution:  I went out and purchased George Forman style counter top grill complete with timer and auto "off/on" switch. The timer shuts off ALL the heat, if he forget's the food, and if he set's the timer for too long, the worst that can happen is the food cooks to death. There are never FLAMES involved...unlike my stove, toaster oven or microwave. In a very short time Nicky was cooking almost all the foods he loves; chicken nuggets, tater tots, potato wedges, sweet potato slices, grilled cheese sandwiches, all by himself.  Less the fact that he still has to be reminded to close the refrigerator, it's been a full proof solution in our house.
How he cooks now :) 

Bonus benefits

  • It's grills instead of frying and he makes at least one meal a day, everyday on it all by himself.  
  • Since he hit puberty he's hungry all the time. I'd be a slave to the kitchen if he couldn't get food for himself. 

Please share your independence solutions.  Use comments or Email me at Either way I'll post and we can all share!

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