Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Warrior parents fare best in securing autism services

This just published today in the Los Angeles Times
Finally statistics confirm what so many families have known; when it comes to services
all things are not equal. Areva Martin and I formed Special Needs Network, because we saw first hand how families were being impacted and why we need groups to teach advocacy to families living in under-served communities.


  1. The idea that the world of autism can become increasingly better is deeply rooted in your persistence, vision and determination to establish SNN for those on the spectrum. As the original founder of SNN I still stand amazed at your personal efforts to eradicate the barriers that prevent access to appropriate care. Without your energy and your refusal to take no for an answer, who knows where the children served by SNN might be today. You may not get or seek notoriety or accolades (that's never been you) but we know the recipients and beneficiary's of your efforts send there heartfelt thanks both parent and child alike. With SNN you opened the door and let the future in as confirmed by this article and the many folks you've impacted. You may not know their names but they are saluting you as I am. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you for your super kind words. Please continue to support the cause, and appreciate how these numbers and this article should give SNN and many others a little boost while teaching others:)