Thursday, May 31, 2012

I Knew this Day was Coming!

I don't know which is hardest to believe: that he's off to high school in the fall or that he's as tall as I am!  

Wow, I think it's both :) 


  1. what a beautiful picture...bravo Nicky!

  2. Love it and he's not through growing!

  3. Hi. I just happened to run across your website - a friend had a post linked on her Facebook to one of your blogs - and I started reading some of the others. I am a high school special educator and work with students with moderate and severe disabilities (ASD, ID, etc), so the information and stories you share are very interesting. I actually just tried to convince a friend and co-worker to create a blog as well. She has a grown son with ASD (he is 21 and exits our school system at the end of this month) and I think that there are so many people who can benefit from websites like this. Keep up the good work! And good luck to your son in high school next year :-)