Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers Day...Autism doesn't take a holiday

Yikes, Today it hit me.  Mothers Day is like all the Holidays, we imagine everyone else is enjoying a Hallmark moment, perfect kids, treats, breakfast in bed, flowers, candy, spa's, gifts...but truth be told for most of us many Mother's Days are just another day and we make what we can of it!

The AM was good. I went to church and took my mom to brunch with family, in total we had 4 wonderful mom's at the table. That was a special time, celebrating my mom with my family. But, Mother's Day really didn't change anything in the land of ASD or parenting in general for my household. Autism doesn't take a holiday and my daughters mad so she opted to stay away. This is the real life of being a mother. We acknowledge that children don't always show up how we want them to, or when, we take the ouch and we love them anyway. We forgive, we love, we hope to teach and we move on!  WooHoo :)

Happy Mothers Day to all Mom's who love unconditionally!


  1. Your a wonderful mom. God bless you.