Friday, June 22, 2012

When I Think about Drug Wars...I Don't think Mexico

When I Think Drug Wars...I Don't think Mexico. I think about the battle between my desire to make the right choice vs the reality there are no really good choices when it comes to Nicky and drugs. In the land of ASD, Epilepsy and negative behaviors Nicky has a drug for everything and it seems, dammed if I do and dammed if I don't. Clearly doctors have to try new drugs and we're all in this exploration stage  together hoping to improve outcomes. Still, I hate knowing my child is taking so many drugs to address one problem, while leaving so much uncertainty about the long term effects.   Seems, until we know more the best I can hope for is to pick the least of two evils. 

In January we begun taking Nicky off the medications, I was so excited. His seizures were under control and we began a plan for a slow and steady weaning of drugs.  As I mentioned in the past, it didn't work out so good and we had three months from @#!?*# in the Jones' house!

Today he’s back on the Depakene, to control the behaviors it had been masking. He’s on a larger dose than before because he’s bigger and needs more.  He was on Abilify for a month or so, but it made him drool and twitch.  So that’s gone. We’ve added two new drugs to help with the seizures and behaviors, they are Onfi and Nuedexta.  His doctors says he's been getting good results with this new med combination. I pray it's true for Nicky.

If it wasn't so sad it would be funny.  Who begins a plan to reduce medications and ends up increasing medications! So typical of our unpredictable world.    

PS:  No word on a possible diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder…I don’t think he has it, but I’ll keep you posted.