Saturday, June 23, 2012

When Things Change in an Instant! Celebrate the little miracles

Today was Nicky's annual dental appointment. I went in prepared to repeat the exhausting 2 hour battle we had last year getting his teeth X rayed  and cleaned.  I was ready. Restraints, papoose, laughing gas, bribery, me sitting on him, bring it on!!!  Whatever....just another day in the life!

Granted he was not as happy as the kiddo in this picture, but nothing bad happened. The visit was for the most part completely uneventful. He fell asleep in the lobby and only put up the smallest fuss in the chair! Unbelievable!!!!!  We spent more time celebrating his success than we spent in the dentist office (that was the bribery part), I still can't get over it.

Maybe he's growing up, maybe he was just tired. No matter, gotta love life's unexpected miracles!


  1. Pat Grayson-DeJongJuly 15, 2012 at 3:35 PM

    Yes Donna, things do get better as our children grow up. However, every age has its challenges and you will learn and grow along with Nicky and meet each one with the wisdom and love you have demonstrated throughout Nicky's life. You are an inspiration to thousands of moms struggling with the day to day issues of autism. Thank you for sharing your unabashed life with autism with us. We love you.