Thursday, September 27, 2012


I just got this message from the wonderful Dr. Lou Vismara, a tireless autism advocate and the Policy Consultant to Senator Darrell Steinberg. Because we are all in this together, and CA has in many ways been a leader when it comes to ASD, I thought this was well worth sharing.  If you have any idea's or comments please post and I'll forward them to Dr. Vismara who has asked for input.  

"Sen. Steinberg requested that I convey his appreciation to many of you who have assisted and supported his efforts to expand autism services through the use of technology and telehealth.  

Regretfully, the Governor has recently vetoed two of these bills, SB 764 & SB 1050, which were authored by Sen. Steinberg and Sen. Alquist, respectively.  The Governor’s veto messages are attached.  Sen Steinberg remains committed to exploring and implementing innovative approaches to support families who are overcoming the challenges of autism and other behavioral disorders and as he recently stated, “We will go back at it next year!”  "


 Bill: SB 1050           2011-2012
 VETOED    DATE: 09/19/12

 To the Members of the California State Senate:

 I am returning SB 1050 without my signature.
 Last year I signed AB 415 (Logue), the Telehealth Advancement Act of 2011, to
 update our statutes on the use of telehealth.

 As we work to improve and modernize our health care system, we can expect
 telehealth to play an increasingly prominent role in rural and urban areas,
 for many diseases and conditions. Such advancements and collaboration are
 occurring now, and a privately funded, disease-specific task force set forth
 in statute does not appear to be warranted.

 Edmund G. Brown Jr.

 Bill: SB 764            2011-2012
 VETOED    DATE: 09/23/12

 To the Members of the California State Senate:
 I am returning Senate Bill 764 without my signature.

 I appreciate the author's desire to bring more efficiency to regional centers
 as well as promote the value of telehealth. The goals of this bill, however,
 can already be accomplished under existing law.

 Mandating every individual program planning team to consider telehealth
 appears excessive. Where beneficial and available, I expect they will consider
 it, without the state telling them to do so.

 Edmund G. Brown Jr.


  1. Dear Ms. Ross-Jones,
    SB 1050 and SB 764 are NOT good for children (like my own child) with autism. Your review of some truths we have been fighting against are posted here. SB 1050 and SB 764 have been regurgigated from precious legislative attempts. What they are trying to mask in some telehealth or autism pilot project or autism collaboration etc. etc. is to legalize the partnership of DDS and one Regional Center (likely Valley Mountain Regional Center) to control who gets autism treatment and who does not, and they are trying to manipulate the Lanterman Act as they did before in 1985. Please study "ARC et al., vs. DDS et al."

  2. Thanks for the great feedback. I will be sure to pass your valuable perspective along!!!

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