Monday, September 10, 2012

The Future: Never Give Up!!

Today Nicky came in the kitchen and asked for Broccoli for dinner! OMG! This is the child who 4 years ago banged his head on a cement wall when he could not get chicken tenders! This is a child who would unbuckle his seat belt and attack me in the front seat of the car when ever we drove by a McDonald's!

Since he was born we have been in food H. E. double toothpicks. First is was; feeding him food that he could keep down, or didn't give him diarrhea. Then it was food with no gluten, then it was any food he could eat and not get constipated! And all along the path, it's been food that could pass his sensory challenges and rigid behaviors.  

I can hardly believe that today he eats almost everything, much less makes a request for Broccoli. Amazing.

Note to self: Remember to never give up. Much of autism is a delay of abilities - albeit a long delay - but not lack of ability. 

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