Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Autism Compared to Any Other Childhood Illness, A Perspective.

Wow, someone just asked me if it's different to have a kid with autism, than a kid with any other illness. Here are my thoughts in the order they appeared in my brain.

The bad news
  • They are all awful. 
  • Most illness's,at least it seems to me, the hardest part is dealing with what people tell you and living with what you know. 
  • With Autism, the hardest part is dealing with what people tell you living what nobody tells you and all that you can't know.
  • Developmental disabilities are life long. They begin they are constant and they never end. 
  • When I think of  living with autism I see life in the fun house, or the house of mirrors. Scary things pop up all the time from all around you. You never really know where you are, or where any path will take you but you cannot stand still you have to move, somewhere.
The good news
It doesn't end, autism is not a fatal. We get to keep our kids.
Raising a child with autism is the same as raising any other child, just different.

The Good and/or the Bad News
Autism never lets up. The constant nature of living with autism will really show you who you are.

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