Sunday, February 3, 2013

When It Get's Better - "A Celebration at the Dentist!"

Our visits to the dentist used to be something right out of "Little Shop of Horrors". 

Remember this?!

It seems like yesterday when going to the dentist meant Nicky was sedated, strapped down, his head in a brace and his body wrapped up like a burrito, and that was just for the cleaning!!! Cavities were often met with total sedation. Ten minute visits took 2 hours and 2 hour visits took 4 but we always stuck it out until we got the job done. 
I didn't know if it would even get better, but it has.  

So, today I'm here to spread hope!

How did we do it? Why is it better?. 

Four thoughts: 

  • I've taken him to the dentist every six months - we come heck or high water. 
  • We found multiple dentist who were patient, kind and willing to wait us out. 
  • We never left because Nicky was upset. We just kept giving him breaks and going back to it. I'm sure he learned fussing just didn't make a difference.  
  • He's getting older :). 

And here's the video that proves it!  Feel free to show it to your kiddo's maybe it will help them to know it's all gonna be okay. :) 

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