Monday, August 26, 2013

Autism "What's in a Name"

Say goodbye to “Nicky” and hello “Nick” or “Nicholas”.  It's just another clear sign that all boys grow up and the names of endearment we gave them - that were so appropriate just a few years ago - have to be cast aside.  

For a lot of people this tweaking of a name may go unnoticed, passed off as a routine part of every child’s transition to adulthood.  But for this mom it’s another milestone, a reminder that Nick is growing up and the realities facing him as an adult with autism. Parenting a son whose age tells one story and his behavior yet another doesn't feel like a natural evolution to me. Yet, I know it’s necessary and even totally appropriate to help him remain in step with society, aligned with this typical peers.  

So, I’ll get over it! Who knows, although he has not told me so, maybe he likes “Nick” better.  

What do I know. This is just my story, not his! 

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