Thursday, August 29, 2013

People with Autism in Demand by Employers

Maybe Nick will work in a day. 
I’m thinking about employment and training. I'm looking for examples, rays of hope and encouragement to believe in and share. 

If you have any stories, know of any projects or have seen a program that's working, let's celebrate the successes and let people know what's out there. Please post in comments or send the information to me to post.  Help me spread good news to the more than 10,000 families who read this website monthly looking for our perspectives.

Here’s what I found today on the Autism Speaks website, pass it on...

People with Autism in Demand by Employers
People with autism are becoming increasingly more in demand by employers seeking a 'competitive advantage.'
SAP, a German computer software company, recently launched a recruitment for people with autism to test their products.  

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Autism Speaks has created an Employment Tool Kit designed to help you research, find and keep employment in the current, competitive labor market. Stories, tips and resources were developed from a collaboration of people, including adults with autism, dedicated to increasing the employment participation of adults on the spectrum! For more employment and adult resources visit here.


  1. I thought this was an April Fool's joke headline. Glad to see it's not.

  2. Hi Donna: I just posted on your last comment, but I just found an internship for my son, who will be 20 at the end of the month and has autism, an internship at a local doggie daycare in Culver City & if all goes well, the owner will hire him as a permanent employee. I prepped him for the interview including going over the website, discussing the importance of showering & shaving before the interview, wearing proper attire, and having several questions that he could ask. My son did beautifully & the owners loved him! He's very excited and I'm going to work with the owners & managers to help my son make positive social connections at work. Hoping to develop this as a program to be vendored by Westside Regional Center that will include social mentoring and parent training. Would love to hear from any parents that might be interested in having their young adult child be supported in a program like this. Thanks!