Wednesday, October 2, 2013

First No Shoes at the Airport and Now No Pass's at Disneyland!

Rumor has it some families where getting disability passes saying their child had autism and then SELLING cuts in line to park guests making it possible for anyone with $ to get on the rides fast! What the heck! The consequence, no more disability passes for guests with autism. Instead we will get a pass to come back to a ride at a certain time. I don’t know about your kid, but for me taking my son right up to the desired item, and then taking him away, is going to present a whole new series of challenges!! Our families have so many challenges and this seemingly tiny thing in the big picture of life with autism may not seem like much, at least for my family, its a HUGH deal. 

Why, does it matter. One one had it was the one day I could count on for my typical teen daughter to appreciate her brother, and even think maybe it’s not so bad keeping him around and it was a day I could be sure to keep him calm enough to have a great time without meltdowns, which is the secret sauce to a good family day. The actions of a few bad apples sets in motion decisions that hurt us all.  We will ever get, that we’re all connected?

Let's move on to those we are working to help. Below is a response from Autism Society Los Angeles, complete with links at the bottom for you to send a message and try to improve the situation.  Let’s get this corrected! Respond to the links only takes 2 minutes!!!!!

Many of you have heard about the change in the way that Disneyland will handle guests with disabilities.

At the Autism Society of Los Angeles, we have received emails and calls from many of you about your concerns about this new policy. Please know that our organization, which works directly in the community, were not consulted on these new procedures and we share your concerns. 
ASLA issued the attached press release this week and were subsequently contacted by Disneyland representatives to hear our views.  

Disney is definitely going ahead with the change but they are willing to speak with us if the program does not accommodate some in our community.  
Judy Mark our Government Relations Co Chair has been approached by a news organization to ask us to monitor the situation for their reporters and to write an Op-Ed on how the new system is working.  

So this is where we need your help...

The change goes into effect on 10/09/13 and we are hoping that some of you would be willing to take your child with a disability to Disneyland on that day or the few following days into the weekend and report to Judy on how your visit went.  
We plan to have one or more people from ASLA go to Disneyland as well, particularly on theSaturday October 12th.  Judy or another ASLA representatives will be at the Guest Relations and the kiosks. speaking to families about how the new system is affecting their day at the park.
Please contact Judy Mark by e mail at if you are willing and able to be a participant in this new system.
She will be sure to connect with you before you arrive and while you are in the park. Please feel free to pass this email on to other families who may be interested.
We know that this issue is not the most important challenge that our community faces and our organization faces.  Honestly, we wish that we could get 30,000 people to sign a petition fighting the severe budget cuts to our developmental disability system, but we understand personally how important Disneyland is to many children and adults with autism and other disabilities.  For many of you, it is the one place that our whole family can truly enjoy together.  

ASLA is committed to representing the families' concerns to Disney so please keep us posted if you are able to assist.  In the meantime,
ASLA will also be collecting comments, concerns and stories. Please direct them Caroline Wilson at  
We want to hear from you and will be taking you comments to Disney.
You can also sign petitions on:

 They are hearing us and we think we have a chance to make this better.  

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