Friday, November 29, 2013

Autism and Thanksgiving; The Usual Blessings and More!

 I'm thankful for all the things that didn't happen....
like him getting the turkey and putting it on his head!
With his love of animals I could see this..LOL.Yikes!!!
Every Thanksgiving I'm thankful for all the things that make my life, my life! I give thanks for my family, my friends, my health, my home, my work, my body (and every part that works), my thoughts, my hopes, my spiritual family, my dreams, the gift of food, a home, a car, the air I breath the wonders of the world that surround me, the challenges that made me who I am, and the smiles shared with me on any given day. Then there's the new things I am thankful for that have grown from this life, living with autism.

I'm grateful that .....

  • Nick could eat more than potatoes. 
  • My kid's didn't spend the day fighting. 
  • Nick is able to live at home. 
  • He's learned to control his aggression.
  • I'm not worried ever second he might accidentally hurt someone. 
  • He can sit at the table with everyone else.
  • He can sit at the table and chew with his mouth closed.
  • He can manage all the loud sounds that come from putting lot's of people together and not have a melt down.
  • My daughter doesn't let him ruin her day.
  • Nick is following directions. 
  • Autism is no longer the elephant in the room everyone see's and is pretending to ignore.
  • Every moment he's just another member of the family and not the member of the family with autism. 
  • Every moment I'm not worried about making him behave perfectly, so he'll blend in. 
  • After 13 years of living with Autism, I can gather with people and talk about something other than autism!
  • Nick didn't walk by anyone's' plate and take their food (BTDT). 
  • People didn't stare at him... too much. 
  • No one feels the need to make excuses for him anymore. 

I'm grateful he was happy, we are happy.


  1. Donna, you are a better person than me and much better than most. You are an inspiration.