Friday, December 6, 2013

Wandering...Let's Create A Safety Net for our Kids!

Since 2011, 41 American children with autism have died after wandering, or “bolting,” from caregivers. Water is often a fatal draw for these children. Since April of this year, 14 out of 16 deaths were from drowning. Yet, there is still a hugh lack of awareness or understanding about wandering in our schools and communities. Even familiy members struggle to wrap their brains around how easily a child - determined to wander - can get out of even the safest home. 

I've share this video before in hopes that it would make its way to more local EMT's and help us to create a safety net for our kids. Given heart wrenching events in the news lately I wanted to share this again.

 And for those of you who want to learn more about the problem, or help others to learn here's a great video on Autism and Wandering.  

Autism and Wandering video

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