Monday, January 27, 2014

Expanding Food Choices Can Work: Nick from Nuggets to Octopus!

Nick's Food Life

0 to 12 months - Nick could not properly digest any food. Everything he ate from breast-milk to formula to soy upset his stomach and had him in severe pain. He cried day and night, so much so he got a herniated belly button!

13 months to 3 years old - Everything Nick ate made him sick and he suffered from chronic diarrhea for 2 years.

4 to 8 years old - I was so happy he was eating and not sick, it was easy to live with the limitation of a diet consisting mostly of potatoes and chicken in every form imaginable. He loved chicken, he became obsessed with it.  I knew we had a problem on our hands after I nearly crashed the car when we drove by a McDonald's. Nick unbuckled his seat belt, leaped onto me from the back seat screaming "McDonalds" and demanding I get him McNuggets!

8 to 12 years old - We began working to vary his diet, against his will. He wanted chicken tenders or nuggets and fries so much he threw a massive tantrum and began banging his head against a restaurant wall when his food choices were not on the menu.  We knew things had to change. Slowly and  consistently we began adding more foods, implementing the "first this, than that" rule. Adding one food at a time, was a process that made it easy for us to learn what he liked, while keeping an eye out for allergic reactions.

Today - This slow and steady process has paid off. Nick eats bags of veggies, salads and just about anything. Last month he nibbled frog legs and wanted more! He requested roasted duck for Christmas, and last week he asked if he could eat octopus! I agreed, took him to a sushi restaurant, ordered it and he loved it, suction cups and all!!!

Thanks to ABA and alot of patience we've gone from nothing to everything...amazing!

PS: He loves animals and read animal books all the time I think he plan might be to eat everything in the book. This could bring new challenges, LOL. I'll let you know.