Friday, February 21, 2014

Week 10 - Lessons From Nick Consistency vs Perfection

   Consistency is more important that perfection.  I believe that our lives, our character, our circumstances are not formed by any single decision, but rather they are the result of our consistent behavior....that over time reveals a result.  For me, there are few places where this belief is more apparent than in raising my kids, especially Nick

I am totally certain that Nick's progress is the result of consistent effort driven by my commitment to all that is possible. We have good days and we have bad days but we are always, consistently pushing forward. I am constantly thinking about how I can do my best, and asking him to do his best, demanding that he do his best. In the process I have failed over and over and so has Nick. Nonetheless, I keep showing up, doing the same things and new things over and over.  All the while I believe, no I know, that one day - a day not determined by me - all the effort all the constant input of information, routines, expectations will pay off for him. It will also pay off for me because I get to know that I've done my best, that I never stopped trying. Even if I can't see the rewards now or they aren't what I want or hoped for, I know God does not give us weeds when we plant pumpkins. My effort is seeds, and my constant and consistent effort is what I exchange for regret and action is the only means to change.

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