Friday, March 28, 2014

California & Self Determination a Community Divided

Self Determination is moving forward and people are divided. Last year we posted - News Alert: California & Self Determination...Who Should Choose? RC's or You?

This week a passionate, unidentified reader posted this response. 

Oh my gash. DO NOT be tricked by this scam! California Regional Centers are going upside down because of their own inside corruption, so the state's answer to this is to shift the burden of finding supports and services onto already burned out and stressed out parents of disabled people. Do not be tricked into a self determination nightmare. Make these regional centers do their dang job. It is their duty to secure services for families of developmentally disabled children. It should not be the parent's burden, unless the parents have a very high functioning developmentally disabled child. Parents of children who are severely disabled and need a daily, intensive support system will not benefit from self determination because it's Regional Center's trick to shift all the responsibility to provide all these complex supports onto the family, so they don't have to. Parents BEWARE...The Lanterman Act. Disability Rights. Protection and Advocacy should know better. They should know by now how these Regional Centers aren't doing their jobs with the most severely disabled who need the most complex services. These Regional Centers are only set up to serve the easiest cases. They have few people working in these regional centers who have any real experience in the more complex needs of the severely disabled regional center clients. If your child has a mild disorder or needs a few respite hours, great, go for it, but if your child is very severe and requires intensive services, BEWARE, don't get sucked into this scam, so that your family is saddled with the responsibility to find supports and services that all these Regional Centers are paying their employees to do. Why even have 21 Regional Centers if they are slowly passing the job duties onto the families??????

What do you think? Are you ready for SD? Is it the best solution for your family? Should Regional Centers shift their role?

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