Sunday, March 23, 2014

Education: Solution for Kids with C's, D's and F's

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Arianna Huffington is a strong advocate of 
a good night's sleep.
Sleep has always been a challenge for Nick. So much 
so that we have a routine, which includes this 15 year 
old going to bed by 8:30. This is to insure he gets 
enough sleep, putting him in a category where he wins

over most teens. Wish I could have gotten my daughter
to sleep as much.  Oh, well don't expect sleep will 
improve his grades but it sure improves his behavior!  
And there's an added benefit, when he sleeps I sleep 
and I'm positive it improves my behavior! I remember
reading studies that determined the school schedules we
currently have for teens are unhealthy and set them up 
to fail, and this story seems to support that theory. 

Healthy sleeping habits are linked to better grades.

Turns out that all-nighter probably isn't worth your time. The cost of sleep deprivation is greater than the knowledge you might gain from studying.
Research shows that the less high school students sleep, the worse they tend to perform in class and on assessments. According to one study, students who receive C's, D's, and F's in school get on average 25 fewer minutes of sleep than A- and B-students.

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