Sunday, August 24, 2014

Hoof and Mouth... Can't believe how much food Nick puts in his mouth or big his feet are?

Okay, we all know our kids are going to grow constantly for some 20 years. Well, it seems to me the whole clothing things happens in three distinct phases, babies are the "Free Cloths Phase" - friends and family love to dress kids.  Then comes the "Fun Phase" they are toddles, they have friends, and a personality of their own everything had me saying "Ahhh how cute" and boys cloths are always on sale. Then the "Dirty Magnet" phase, then the "Ohh You Stink" phase, followed by "Growing like a Weed" phase. It's this phase that's kicking my butt!

Nick is in the "Growing like a Weed Phase". He is eating me out of house and home and every few months he needs a new wardrobe! He's growing so fast there are stretch marks on his shoulders. The doctor says it's because his skin is an organ too and it can't keep up! I am surprised I don't hear his bones cracking at night.

I'm giving cloths to the Goodwill every few months, and fashion has not taken a back seat to practicality. Goodwill is a one stop shop, I donate his cloths there and I am now buying them there too!  Be honest, how much should I really spend on cloths he's going to outgrow in 12 weeks?. Sorry Bloomies, Macy's, Sears, Ross and Marshall's see you when this phase is over...maybe. :()

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