Saturday, September 13, 2014

Silver Alert Expanding to Include Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

Sacramento Is Considering Expanding The Silver Alert To Include Those With Autism!

Sacramento is considering something akin to the Amber alert for those with autism; they would expand the Silver Alert — intended for seniors over 65 — to include those on the spectrum, due to their tendency to wander.
An 18-year-old with autism in Los Angeles county recently bolted from his mother when they were out shopping — and he wasn’t found for almost three weeks. His mother and grandmother searched everywhere for him, and after reaching out to law enforcement and receiving little aid, they turned to online autism communities.
Watch the following video to hear more and then - if you have not already done so - go to and send the Autism Related Wandering PSA to your friends, family neighbors. Our autism community understands we have a problem, but the entire community needs to understand. Let's use this PSA and spread the word! 

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