Monday, September 21, 2015

Nick’s Working!!!!!!! WooHoo and Thanks LAUSD for working this out.

Nick’s Working!!!!!!!  Sitting in class, reading and working the common core wasn't getting Nick closer to independence. No matter how much he learns seems to me if he can't apply it toward a job or independence, well it's not worth much.  

Been trying for sometime to create a program that would give Nick the opportunity to apply what he has learned and finally we've done it. WooHoo and thanks LAUSD :) 


  1. Clapping Out Loud!!!!!!Great to see him being actively engaged!

  2. This is great news, Donna! A lot of "our kids" make great employess. They never back-stab their colleagues to get ahead, they rarely get tired of repetitive work and they love structure. In short, they are an untapped resource for employers of all kinds. Wake up, American employers and "job creators."

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