Sunday, October 11, 2015

Mean People Suck - Another Community Encounter

Today is one of those days when I am glad Nick's autism impacts him in ways that he doesn't get his feeling hurt by mean strangers, unlike me! 

Nick was in the lobby of the movie theatre hanging by the arcade games, when a mom felt it necessary to suggest that Nick leave, and perhaps the theatre just wasnt' the place for him. 

Why you ask?  Because Nick said hello to her 6 year old daughter!! That's it, nothing else.  She was over heard asking her husband to talk to us because she didn't like the way Nick looked at her daugher.  Hey I get it, you don't expect a 17 year old to just say hello to your 6 year old - in a peer to peer kinda way. I get that for a moment you might not be paying attention and as a protective parent you are thrown off, for an minute. What I don't get is the mean way some people response given the realties of the situation.

Reality Number One: It only takes a few minutes of watching Nick to know that he has challenges.  

Reality Number Two:  For some people contact with a person with disabilities brings up empathy for others hate.

Reality Number ThreeIt's hard to send your child out into the world knowing the number of mean people he will encounter. 

Reality Number Four:  We have been dealing ignorance and mean spirited people since Nick was a child. Yes, it's getting better because more people today understand, but we have a long way to go.



  1. Ignorance is boss and bliss

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