Thursday, October 1, 2015

Unexpected Dangers for Nick on the Road to Independence

Don't eat raw meat! 
Just uncovered another of the seemingly never ending dangers facing Nick on the road toward independence (or his definition of it).  Nick doesn’t know raw food is dangerous and you don’t eat it! 

Nick stood in our kitchen, went in the refrigerator, pulled out bacon and started eating it, RAW, and no one even noticed. His behaviorist, was right there and didn't see or say a thing. His sister walked by and screamed “Stop”, horrified at seeing the raw meat hanging out of his mouth. Thank goodness she caught it.

I’m still a bit freaked out. I'm not sure if the most upsetting to me was that I had never thought about it, or the realization of all the things he has yet to learn.

We all know bacon is one of those meats you can't eat raw! Eating uncooked bacon exposes you to bacteria as well as parasites and can cause either bacterial infections or trichinellosis, also called trichinosis, a parasitic infection.  Nick already has gastro challenges, can't imagine adding this to his problems!

Moldy bread is a good place to start
Next up teaching Nick about bad and raw food, which is not going to be easy. There are lot's of raw foods we can eat, and others we cannot and they lack any consistent reason why.  I think I'll start with teaching about bad food, because it can be easily created and introduced one food at a time and my refrigerator seems to produce an endless supply! 


  1. I began teaching my son a year ago,now age 12 .I used to bring him in kitchen when I cooked bacon, hamburger and told him it has to be cooked even let him handle and wash hands to ensure it was known .Good thing you ate aware now.

  2. Just goes to show that the list of "things I didn't think of" is longer than we thought.