Friday, January 15, 2016

Nick's First Weekend Away From Home...Ever! He's off to Camp :)

Oh my gosh, This is so exciting, such a massive step and I'm actually a bit anxious. Nick is going to camp and will be gone for 3 days! Three days! I know to most folks with a 17 year of it's not big deal, but he has never been away from me for three days in this life. He did stay overnight at a friends when he was in elementary school for one night...but that's it!

This will be the first time since he was born, 17 years ago, that my daughter and I have been together without him!

I'm so excited to spend some along time with her, and so excited that Nick get's sometime without us! This is big!


  1. Wow! that would be very exciting. A week away from home for the first time. Looking forward on knowing more about the experience soon.