Friday, December 18, 2020

Bias and a Backwards Bicycle Brain...A must see for everyone! Part 1

I just watched this video from a man on YouTube named Dustin on "Smarter Everyday" and my life, literally, will never be the same! The video shows Dustin trying to ride a bike that has been reengineered by his buddies causing it to turn left when you turn right and visa versa. 

Despite Justin's knowledge about the bike he is unable to ride it, no matter how hard he tries! It seemed so simple but he can't do it, so he goes on a journey that proves nobody else can either, because unlearning a thing is not as easy as knowing a thing! This shocked me because I thought anyone could adapt once they had the knowledge that the direction was reversed. What he proves in the end is knowledge is NOT understanding. Our brain is hard wired with bias about how things work and reversing those thoughts and bias's can be literally impossible.  

This thought that exploded my mind! This video forced me to take a look at my bias in a whole new light,  which brought up a lot for me. I'll share that in part 2. But right now you've got to watch this and see what it brings up for you! 

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