Saturday, November 8, 2008

President Elect Obama working for Autism!!

President-Elect Barack Obama Drafts Federal Autism Insurance Mandate Bill

Wow! Earlier this week I wrote about my conversation with then Senator Obama and how confident that I felt about him helping our children. Well he's not in office yet, however President-Elect Obama has already drafted comprehensive autism legislation, including a section addressing a broad based federal autism insurance mandate.

I pulled this statement today from Autism Speaks. Enjoy everyone.

In his Presidential campaign statement on Autism Spectrum Disorders, President-Elect Obama committed to bringing autism insurance reform to the entire nation. The statement stated that Obama and Biden "will mandate insurance coverage of autism treatment and will also continue to work with parents, physicians, providers, researchers, and schools to create opportunities and effective solutions for people with ASD." For the complete campaign statement, and to read the draft legislation, go to, and be sure to sign up to receive action alerts pertaining to this important initiative.


  1. This is wonderful news, Donna. The only news that would make me happier would be if scientists definitively discovered what causes autism in our children and how to stop this disease from its relentless forward march. Seems like more and more kids are succumbing...if President Obama can help scientists be scientists again, we'll be on the right path.