Monday, December 7, 2009

Can I Slow Down Puberty!

As a single mom I'm so in denial that my little guy will go through this soon. He still looks like a little boy and well, there's no hair anywhere, so I think I have a minute. I'm not ready for his voice to change, for him to need deodorant or all the other things that I know are on the horizon.

This weekend Nicky reminded me that my denial will be my issue and he is moving forward as planned. While sitting on a stool in the kitchen, he started grunting and pushing his belly out, his face was red. He lifted up his shirt exposing his outstretched belly and an erect penis and said "stomach, stomach, grunt, grunt". I immediately focused on concealing the look of horror on my face and said the only thing I could think of "Stop that!. Put your shirt down".


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