Friday, December 17, 2010

News Alert: Connection Between Freeways and Autism

Autism has twice the chance of developing in children who live near freeways at birth, according to a new study by the Saban Research Institute of Children’s Hospital.
The study showed that high level of pollutants near the freeway may cause children to more at risk for autism, suggesting that environmental factors may play a role in the disorder’s growing incidence.
"The study isn't saying exposure to air pollution causes autism," said HelenVolk, the study’s lead author, to the “Los Angeles Times.” "But it could be one of the factors that are contributing to its increase."
Researchers in Los Angeles looked at 304 children with autism and 259 normally developing children and found that those with mothers living within 1,000 feet of a freeway when they gave birth were twice as likely to have autism then those who lived in off the beaten path.

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