Saturday, December 18, 2010

Teeth Grinding Mom's and Children & with ASD

Thank goodness, Nicky does not have this upsetting behavior. But it seems I have developed it! I don't grind but I wake up with a clinched jaw, and my teeth are not aligned.  Am the only one, or is this a system of stress that I share with other moms? If anyone had this happen how did you address it? Thanks and please let me know.


  1. Both of my kids have been known to grind their teeth. I think they get it from their dad. He and at least one of his siblings (his twin, in this case) do it. Matthew does it more when awake, I think because he enjoys the sensory feedback. He doesn't do it very often, though, so I try not to draw much attention to it. Lauren does it when asleep (though not every night that I can tell), so at some point I will probably buy her a mouth guard to protect her teeth. David's sister has used one in the past, and I guess it does help.

  2. Thanks. I'm getting tired of waking up with a sore jaw :) Guess it's off to the dentist for the mama

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