Friday, January 28, 2011

News Alert: Autism Society of Los Angeles Needs Our Help; Tell Your Story

I am posting this letter I just got from the Autism Society. 
The Autism Society of Los Angeles is hoping to enlist your help in finding families who are willing to tell their stories in our advocacy effort.  We are working to fight the devastating budget cuts proposed by Governor Brown.  He has proposed a $750 million - or 20% - cut to the Department of Developmental Services, the agency that funds the Regional Centers.  This will certainly lead to drastic cuts in services to children and adults with developmental disabilities.  And, of course, this will most affect low-income families.   We are mounting an urgent campaign to put a "human face" on the issue by telling the stories of children and families who will be hurt the most.

Please see below the description of what we are looking for.  We encourage you to forward this request to everyone you know who might be affected. The families can live anywhere in California.

Be aware the Governor's budget is on the fast track.  He is trying to get it passed by March so that there will be a vote on the extension of some taxes by June.  (By the way, if these tax extensions don't pass, we are hearing the cut will be 40% to the Regional Centers.)

We are planning many more activities, including visits to legislators, press conferences, and possibly a rally. Thank you for all of your help.
Remember, its parents that made the Regional Center system and it will be parents who will save it.  Your effort can and will make a difference.
If interested, please send:
Name of diagnosed person(s)
Name of Parent /Guardian
Brief Summary of Families Story
Phone Numbers:
Email to:  Judy Mark
For questions, please call 310 621 2045

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