Monday, January 31, 2011

News Alert: Urgent- Input about Services Needed from California Families

Everyone is bracing for the anticipated devastating 20% cut to the already strained regional center budget. The Autism Society has launched a campaign to get families to respond to how the cuts would impact them (I'll post  that information next)  DDS Director Terri Delgadillo just announced the Department is launching a community
survey to solicit input and feedback from those who will be impacted by statewide purchase-of-service standards.  Please forward this and encourage everyone who will be affected to participate. 

Attached below is a link to the DDS survey.  There are three options to
participate in the survey:

1.       DDS online survey -
Responses are ANONYMOUS and must be received by TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 15.  
2.       Submitting direct comments through email - send an email to the
Department at

3.       Postal mail - send a letter with your ideas to: 
Service Standards
Department of Developmental Services
1600 9th Street (MS 3-24)
P. O. Box 944202
Sacramento, CA 94244-2020

Directions for all three of the above options as well as access to the
online survey can be found here:

Participants will have an opportunity to comment on eight different
sections: Behavioral Services; Day Program, Supported Employment, and
Work Activity Program Services; Early Start Services; Health Care and
Therapeutic Services; Independent Living and Supported Living Services;
Residential Services; Respite and Other Family Supports; and
Transportation Services.

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