Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Funny Conversations

I just have to laugh...loudly!

Nicky Yells "Daddy Police Office!" and then "Daddy Post Office?".
Mom says' "Nope, Daddy's not in the police office or the post office."
Mom looks around, people are staring...I guess they are thinking.. " Is this kids dad in jail, does he have a wanted picture up in the Post Office?"

Nicky looks up at me and screams "No Dad!".
Mom's quietly says "No, sorry"
Nicky yells. "No Dad, One Mom. No Papa, No Father, One Mom, No Dad".
Again, Mom looks around, people are staring...I have no idea what they are thinking.

We are sitting at a sporting event getting ready to watch the game.  Nicky see's a man walking by and screams. "Daddy Daddy?" as he reaches out and grabs a man walking by, who doesn't respond.
I hug him and shake my head "No"
Again, Mom looks around, people are staring...I don't want to know what they are thinking!

Nicky has been to the police station and the post office and he's yet to find his dad in either place. Nicky see's pictures of his Dad all the time, he actually carries around a little photo album with his picture. He know's what his dad looks like.  So, what's really going on I don't yet know, but I do know there's more surprises where these came from.

If anyone has any idea's would love to hear them.

Laughing mom.

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