Friday, February 4, 2011

A Must See Online Resource for Parents and Professionals!

Great resource, but don't expect to scan it quickly. They offer in-dept looks into all of the topics below and they even give you a chance to test your knowledge before beginning each module. There is a lot of text, so be prepared to put some time in.  It is more professional friendly, than parent - the terminology alone can scare a person - but once you start reading, it comes together.   

Another can be intimidating for me to question teachers or therapist on any part of my son's program; they are the experts, not me. This site helps me to be a more active part of the conversation and begin to form my own idea's about the quality of intervention Nick's getting.

That said, teachers, professionals and para professionals should eat this site up! It's great for parents or caregivers wanting better understand which interventions are a good match, what the teachers and therapists are doing or the goals of an intervention.  Below is a list of all the topic's they cover as of today....very cool.   

Module List

Current Modules (30)

o    Antecedent-Based Interventions (ABI)
o    Assessment for Identification
o    Computer-Aided Instruction
o    Differential Reinforcement
o    Extinction
o    Functional Communication Training
o    Home Base
o    Naturalistic Intervention
o    Parent-Implemented Intervention
o    Peer-Mediated Instruction and Intervention (PMII)
o    Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)
o    Pivotal Response Training (PRT)
o    Preparing Individuals for Employment
o    Prompting
o    Reinforcement
o    Response Interruption/Redirection
o    Restricted Patterns of Behavior, Interests, and Activities
o    Self-Management
o    Sensory Differences
o    Social Narratives
o    Social Supports for Transition-Aged Individuals
o    Speech Generating Devices (SGD)
o    Structured Teaching
o    Structured Work Systems and Activity Organization
o    Supporting Successful Completion of Homework
o    Task Analysis
o    The Incredible 5-Point Scale
o    Time Delay
o    Transitioning Between Activities
o    Visual Supports

Upcoming Modules (38)

o    Applied Behavior Analysis - An Overview
o    ASD and the Legal System
o    Assessment for Intervention
o    Assessment, Screening, and Diagnostic Instruments
o    Behavior Intervention Plans
o    Bullying
o    Choice-making
o    Circle of Friends
o    Classroom Structure and Management
o    Cognitive Differences
o    Cognitive Scripts
o    Direct Instruction
o    Discrete Trial Teaching
o    Emotional Vulnerability
o    Extracurricular Activities
o    Family-School Partnerships
o    Floor Time/DIR
o    Functional Behavioral Assessment
o    Guided Peer Play
o    Hidden Curriculum
o    Incidental Teaching
o    Instructional and Assistive Technology Solutions
o    Intervention Ziggurat
o    Language and Communication
o    Motor Differences
o    Naturalistic Language Strategies
o    Overview of Characteristics
o    Overview of Social Skills Functioning and Programming
o    Person Centered Planning including PATHS and MAPS
o    Positive Behavior Supports
o    Priming
o    Relationship Development Intervention (RDI)
o    Rules and Routines
o    Situations, Options, Consequences, Choices, Strategies, Simulation (SOCCSS)
o    Stop, Observe, Deliberate, Act (SODA)
o    Tapping into Special Interests in the Classroom
o    Toilet Training
o    Video Modeling

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