Saturday, June 18, 2011

"It's coming" vs "It's here". The end of a chapter......

Countdown to my daugher's High School Graduation....

Morning will never be the same. Next week Evyn turn's 18 and she graduates from High School. Two MAJOR milestones in two days and I'm having a hard time really taking it all in. 

Yesterday as I got her up early to be at school by 6 am for a senior trip, it hit me that in 14 days this will not be mine to do. Don't get me wrong I've haven't glamorized our mornings; getting Evyn up and out the door on time every morning has been a source of battle in our home since 1st grade and I threatened to give up time and time again! Never thinking about how I would feel the day it would end.  

For 18 years my life has been waking up to take care of her, peeking in her room to make sure she's okay and seeing her as she started her day. Since she started pre-school about 3,510 hours of my life has evolved around waking her up; making sure she's dressed for school, has lunch, a clean face, breakfast and getting myself dressed and driving her to school.  

In two weeks this chapter will be over and I feel sad. 

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  1. Donna,
    I was wondering if you had seen this report regarding the correlation of the electrical brain patterns seen in epileptics and autistics alike?
    They touch on the significance of evident seizures.