Saturday, June 18, 2011

Parents Surviving and Getting It - Changes, Transitions and our Kids

Nicky has been on the verge of a breakdown almost every minute of every hour for two weeks.  His frustration tolerance is really low. It's like if meltdown happens at level ten...he's been floating between level 5 and 8 all the time, so just one little thing and BAMB he's gone!  Not a fun time for any of us. But there's good news, I know that this too shall pass!!!! Time and experience is our friend because I've been here before. I can go down my check list...

Getting Sick...Probably not
Medication Reaction... Probably not
Change in Schedule...Yep
Anxiety... Yep

The school year is ending. He know's it's ending. His routine will stop, he won't see his teachers and when
he comes back to school in the fall. He doesn't know what teachers or kids will still be there. He's anxious. It happened last year and it's even stronger this year because he's more aware of his routine and the MANY ways it can change.

He know's he will go to summer school, but he doesn't know where and he doesn't know the kids.

The therapist who is with him three days a week at school, takes the summer off.

Last summer I promised we would go to the San Diego Zoo in July. He's been asking about it everyday since December and he's literally been counting down the days!. It's almost here and he's loaded with anxiety about making this long awaited trip.  PS: This was a great way to teach him how to measure time and keep tracks of the months.

So, I know this too shall pass. I know what it is, I know what he's feeling and that's the next best thing to not having the problem at all!

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