Monday, June 18, 2012

Learning to Relax...Guilt Free!

I'm how old?? and I'm just getting this one! YIKES....Oh well, best to just embrace the notion "It's never too late to learn".

Between work, family, cooking, cleaning, bills...something always needs to be done! I'm already a person who can't sit still and relax, it feels weird to me. Movement is my true north. Add to that, I feel guilty doing nothing, much less things for me, when there's so much that can be done. I know it's all in my mind. I know taking care of me is important, but how the heck do I rest and take care of me when I'm worried that something else isn't getting done or that I haven't done everything I'm "supposed" to do. It just doesn't come easy to me. For the most part advice about how I need to take care of me sounds like the teacher in Charlie Brown saying "Blah Blah Blah" in the background, because in my mind there are always more important things to do.

But I've been determined to break this pattern and finally I have found a guilt free, happy solution. Reading in the car!!! I have to drive, so now when I drive I listen to...books on tape, CD or iPod or whatever, I listen to them all!  Just finished Nora Roberts the Witness on CD... Loved it! Great Escape. GO ME!

Wish I had thought of this when I was driving Nicky back and fourth constantly to this therapy and running two kids back and forth! Oh well, I'm still loving it and maybe it's not too late for you!

Great tip....For those who have cassette players in their cars you can buy books on cassette for $1 and sometimes .50 cents at the thrift stores! Cheap, relaxing, fabulous. Best places to get books on CD on the cheap is thrift-stores, yard sales and library sales. My local library has a "Friends of the Library" store, I'm always checking them for good deals. :)  

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