Tuesday, June 19, 2012

When Your Teenager Goes "Alpha" on You...there's no standing down

Oh, no you don't!!!  Was my reaction when Nicky tried to go Alpha on me! There's something that happens when your son, in puberty, suddenly taller and stronger than you are stands right up to you and presents a physical challenge to tell you "No".

In that moment instinct - other than my usually mama bear -  snapped in full force. Nicky said "No" and I said "Oh... NO YOU DON'T" in a way only a mom can say. Standing face to face, chest to chest I made it perfectly clear that no matter how old or big he gets, I'm in charge around here! Don't take on the Mama!. 

It was a big shift inside me. A shift I didn't expect. With Nicky in my face,  I was instantly consumed with the knowledge that if I let this pass, if I gave him permission to dominate me, I would regret it.  I knew at that moment the worst thing I could do for our relationship would be to let him know he could scare or dominate me. 

Quite a success story for a mom who struggled when it came to using a firm voice on her baby. It was a good moment...for both of us. 


  1. Nicely done, I think I will try this.