Thursday, September 2, 2010

When Your Team Is Playing for the Other Side

I had my Nicky meeting with his behavior team today. I got there right on time, and everyone else was already there…strategically placed staring at me as I walked in the door. Oooo that felt good…not. 

But I was prepared. I had taken off my mother bear claws and put on my business brain and was determined to be calm and chant –“ they are here they are trying”.

I could tell they were not to happy to be in my company - Oh Well! But I’m good and I’m ready. It goes pretty smoothly until they begin to show the papers where they want to shift the conversation to the problem is “parent participation” right about now I’m feeling really pissed and defensive. 

This should never be a conversation about the not so great parents…I am so ready. This should always be a conversation about the children, when it isn't the process in my opinion is compromised. 

Seems, they head me. I got what I wanted-a more flexible plan to help Nicky – and yes, I took a few prisoners’, but I will work to clean that up later.

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