Wednesday, January 9, 2013

ANSWERS - Girl with ASD Tells Why She Flaps Her Hands, Hums, Rocks, Makes Noises and Hits Things...

Thank you Dave Clark for sharing this video :).  I can't believe I'm just seeing this! But, I'm so glad I'm seeing it now and I think everyone in the world should see it. Watching made me cry tears filled with compassion, excitement, hope and appreciation for what Carly has shared with all of us. For me it was not just what she said,but the way she said it, in a way that only a person who lived something could.  She reminded me I can never give up and gave me insight to why Nicky flaps his hands, does puzzles or draws while watching his favorite video's, why looking me in the eyes is so difficult and why some kids bang their heads. You don't want to miss this!


  1. Wow wow wow wow wow wow. I'm shocked. It reminds me of this new book about this woman who contracted this weird form of encephalitis, and she also described her brain as "on fire." Wondering if there are any connections to be made. thanks for sharing. Jackie F.