Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Keeping Our Kids Safe on the Streets

We Can't Master Street Safety!  

Teaching Nick street safety has been one of the hardest skills to teach yet!  His lack of understanding danger, his short attention span and how easily he is distracted or just in his head all combine to make teaching safety a nightmare for us. We've done all kinds of things to teach street safety; from playing Red Light Green Light and having his sister smash into him when he moved on a red light, to walking intersections over and over.  Now we are back to trying to reach via Video (since video's are Nicks favorite thing(. 

We made our own videos so he could hear and see things he is familiar with. I posted them online. Maybe they will work for you, or serve as a  guide to follow.   

Now we have expanded to other online resources...

If you have any tips on what has worked for your family, please post them in comments!


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