Friday, November 21, 2014

Disney Hit With New Autistic Kids Lawsuits; Many More Expected

ada-logoFourteen new individual lawsuits were filed this week against Walt Disney Parks and Resorts for violations of the Americans With Disabilities Act. “The systems, policies and procedures associated with the Disability Access Service which Disney rolled out in October of 2013 were certain to create discrimination against Plaintiffs, and it was obvious that the community of persons with cognitive impairments would be harmed by the DAS,” said the filings in federal court in Florida (read one of them here). Representing 26 families with children with autism and other developmental disorders who visited Disney World, these latest complaints come out of an order late last month by a judge breaking up the group discrimination case against the House of Mouse first filed in April. The filings this week were one per family, as designated by U.S. District Judge Anne C. Conaway.
I've been following the updates, and reading the public comments to this case. A lot of people feel families are unjustified in their complaints and here's a few comments I've found. How do  you feel?   Let me know! 
  1. whiners • on Nov 20, 2014 5:08 pm
    The DAS pass that disney offers allows you to get a voucher that allows you to return to the ride at a future time that is comparable to the wait time of the line. It allows you to avoid the standing in line aspect that these idiots are complaining about. What else do they feel they deserve? I for one am gla for the new policy as I was tired of watching people roll up in wheel chairs with a broken toe and cut the line. The autistic kids can be shown other parts of the park and return when your time is up. Simple.
  2. burrrbank • on Nov 20, 2014 5:08 pm
    The Victim Parade marches on with new entrants every day. They see Disney, smell money and use a family member as a prop for profit.
  3. Happy place • on Nov 20, 2014 5:08 pm
    Almost every child “melts down” while waiting in line. I would like to melt down on certain days where my family and I are baking in the sun for a 60 minute wait for splash mountain- but hey that’s the choice we make. If you aren’t willing or able to wait in line then don’t go, no one is forcing you to. Mission space at epcot makes me sick to my stomach- does that mean I should sue? No. I choose not to ride it. I also believe that autistic children do not respond well to crowds or noise- so why would you even expose your child to that discomfort? I would be more concerned for my child’s safety and we’ll being rather than how many rides I could get on with no wait. Just saying….

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